Our Company

Texnology is one of the most leading manufacturers of textile machinery for the nonwovens industry. At its location in Fontaniva, Italy, Texology is responsible for all developments in the fields web formation, needling and special machines.
Texnology has introduced a machine building process divided into sectors. These means that each supplier is a specialist in his field and Texnology represents the heart of a production line.


Texnology manufactures needle looms, web drafters, profiling systems and is a world leader in high speed crosslapper systems.
Our crosslappers can be adapted to all types of line. They are equipped with brushless motors of the same size that simplify the use of spare parts and convey a high working continuity.
Texnology next generation needle punching machines operate without sliding rods, rocker arms, opposite-connection rod or linkages. This configuration allows connecting rods to join and merge in a single gear shaft in connection to only one motor. The needle board movement is therefore not only vertical, but also horizontal, and the needles always tilt in the direction of the material processed when punching in and out the product. The draft is eliminated to near zero. In a single system, elliptical or vertical needling, we obtain both configurations with unparalleled construction and operating simplicity. The machines guarantee a high production capacity and consequently the highest stroke frequency and needle density but at the same time they are characterized by reduced maintenance and ensure a low energy consumption.

General Contractor

As general contractor Texnology supplies complete nonwoven plants: information management and engineering, finance management, logistic, installation, start up, service and training. In close cooperation with the customers Texnology provides the best solution for their individual nonwoven production demands in terms of high capacity and quality.

Service and spare parts

Texnology Service s.r.l. is the company owned by Olivo’s family, build to guarantee the operation continuity of machines installed all over the world, providing with remote assistance (diagnosis, reprogramming, customizations) spare parts, service maintenance, electric revamping on Texnology’s old power cabinet upgraded by Siemens full automation.

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