Located in the crosslapper’s exit, fibers are mainly oriented in a direction across the web. Additionally there are noticeable crosslapper marks in the web when the web coming out of the crosslapper is slow and heavy. The batt drafter code SF addresses these problems. It minimizes crosslapper marks and makes the web more uniform, it orients the fibers more in the machine direction, it reduces the web weight as it stretches the fiber and it increases the speed of the entire line.

On the Texnology’s batt drafter , each trio group is equipped with intermediate roller (total 4 rollers) for a gentle and hight capacity draft ratio. The special mechanical execution of the rollers with reduced flection , release perfect quality and uniformity. The same concepts are applied at the exit of pre-needling, where the fibers that are not completely bonded can be reoriented by the Stiro Feltro machine code STF through mobile rollers to increase tensile loads while reducing shrinkage.

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